About Us

JS Smith Consulting Engineers, P.C. has been providing structural engineering services since 1982. During that time, we have gained a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and accurate while designing a wide range of structures from coast-to-coast.

Having substantial experience in the use of diverse materials, JS Smith Consulting Engineers has designed structures composed of various combinations of steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, reinforced masonry, timber, wood, and various foundation systems to meet the needs of each specific project.

We have essential experience in the design of various types of commercial, educational, governmental, and industrial facilities . In accumulating this experience, we have cultivated long lasting relationships with our clients by consistently catering to their needs and schedules while providing them with superior quality and service.

  • Jeffrey S. Smith, P.E., President
    Gained professional licensure in 1980.
    Founded JS Smith Consulting Engineers, P.C. in 1982.
    Licensed in 16 states.
  • Aaron D. Smith, P.E., S.E., Vice President
    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas
    Licensed in 27 states.
    Joined JS Smith in 1995.
  • Kenny Watts, E.I.
    Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Structural Emphasis, Oklahoma State University
    Masters of Science of Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis, Oklahoma State University
    Joined JS Smith in 2011.
  • Brett Johnson, E.I.
    Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Pittsburg State University
    Joined JS Smith in 2011.
  • Mike Wilson
    Associates Degree in Architectural and CAD Drafting, National Education Center-Arizona Campus
    Joined JS Smith in 1991.
  • Debra Jones
    Office Manager
    Joined JS Smith in 1995